PT2024 – TIMS Symposium in Portugal UPDATE !!!

Dear TIMS members,

In the past weeks we have received several remarks and questions around the upcoming Symposium.
After a discussion with the TIMS Council, it was decided to look into all matters concerning the Symposium once again, with the objective to make the Symposium more affordable
Of course some adjustments had to be made but we think this exercise has paid off:
• The deadline for registration has been moved to the end of January.
• The content of the Symposium remains unchanged, meaning it will take place in two locations and in between there will be a two-day mill tour.
• The Pre-Tour has been cancelled. Instead, there will be a 3-day Post-Tour in the region around Lisbon.
• The price for the Symposium went down by about 20% and is now 1230 Euro for double rooms, and 1520 Euro for single rooms.
• The price for the 3-day Post-Tour is 490 Euro for double rooms, and 650 Euro for single rooms.
In addition, there will be the possibility of sponsoring.
Those members, who cannot afford the Symposium, but still like to participate can write to the TIMS President and ask for sponsoring.
A prerequisite for sponsoring is the presentation of a paper.
We have updated the registration form accordingly and attached to this email.
Finally one last word to thank the Council and our President for all collaboration and working together to achieve such an important goal,
as well as to Stichting Steunfonds for making it possible to sponsor members.
We are looking forward to meet you in Portugal !!
Kind regards
Jorge Miranda
Symposium Chairman
Portuguese Mills Network

P.S. (Only for members who have already applied):
Please mark your options on the updated version of the application form or, if you prefer, send us an email with those and we will include them in your actual record.
Please calculate the difference of the downpayment due and transfer it until 31st January 2024.
Along the next few days after we receive your instructions we will send you a personalized email with the update of your register according to the downpayment already made.