TIMS Online Presentation on “Drop tower horizontal watermills and cultural landscapes in Southern Italy” – 13th May 2023

Dear TIMS Members,
on the next TIMS Online Conference a presentation will be given by Marica Grano from Italy.
The title of the presentation is: “Drop tower horizontal watermills and cultural landscapes in Southern Italy”
Watermills operated in the Southern Italy from the Roman Period until the early decades of the twentieth century, representing an important feature of waterways and, even if the relevant hydraulic activities are no longer practiced, the remaining buildings constitute a relict (or fossil) cultural landscape. Within the framework of cultural landscape research, watermills have been studied with an interdisciplinary approach in relation to their technology, location and interaction with the environmental characteristics.

Date & Time:
Saturday, 13 May 2023:
– Paris, Rome, Berlin 19:00
– UK, Portugal 18:00
– Greece, Kyiv, Romania, Estonia 20:00
– San Francisco 10:00
– New York, Antigua 13:00
– Moskow 20:00
Sunday, 14 May 2023:
– Japan 02:00

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